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What To Do When Another’s Negligence Leads To Injury

At Blish & Cavanagh, LLP, our trial lawyers have earned a reputation for being effective, vigorous advocates for people who have suffered injuries at the hands of negligent individuals and corporations. Our litigators are the best of their profession and truly enjoy devoting their talents to protecting the interests of our clients.

Taking Care Of Your Legal Issues So You Can Focus On Recovery

Our lawyers have a vast range of experience in civil litigation, including pursuing and obtaining maximum compensation in cases stemming from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

What Will Our Representation Cost You?

As your medical bills mount and your paychecks dwindle, it is understandable that cost is a major concern. We have a proven track record of success so we are confident in our abilities to achieve results in personal injury litigation. As such, we will only charge a fee if we are successful in obtaining compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost earnings and/or other damages.

What Is My Case Worth?

The value of a case can vary dramatically depending on a host of circumstances. The best thing you can do is speak to one of our experienced attorneys about your situation, so we can work to maximize the value of your claim. We will not be satisfied with any outcome that does not fairly compensate you for your damages.

Our skill and reputation as litigators precede us and this allows us to approach settlement negotiations from a position of strength. Our colleagues and adversaries alike know what we are capable of, and they know we prepare each and every case for success in the courtroom. Yours will be no exception.

Hurt In An Accident In Rhode Island Or Massachusetts? Turn To Blish & Cavanagh, LLP.

Are you ready to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable Providence personal injury lawyer? Contact us online today for a free consultation or call 401-831-8900 for more information about our firm. If you are unable to come to us due to your injuries, we can come to you or meet somewhere convenient for you.