Alternative Dispute Resolution

In appropriate circumstances, mediation or arbitration can be a cost effective and efficient approach to resolving disputes without an expensive and time-consuming trial. Nonetheless, mediation and arbitration are still part of the adversarial legal process. Blish & Cavanagh, LLP litigators have considerable experience in representing our clients in mediation and/or arbitration proceedings, and have a strong record of achieving favorable outcomes that reflect the merits of our client’s claims.

In addition, Blish & Cavanagh, LLP litigators are frequently engaged to serve as arbitrators and/or mediators in cases not involving our clients, particularly in complex disputes, with an emphasis in the following areas:

(i) Personal Injury;
(ii) Medical, legal and accounting malpractice;
(iii) Business, financial and employment disputes;
(iv) Probate disputes;
(v) Team mediation for multiple party disputes; and
(vi) Large group mediation.

Contact the lawyers at Blish & Cavanagh, LLP to discuss whether your dispute is one which would fit well into the framework of alternative dispute resolution.